Monday, June 15, 2015


Working as a photographer provides so many different types of moments.  The type of work will change the overall mood, and ranges from excitement at nightclubs or parties, romance at weddings, sadness during end of life sessions, butterflies at engagement sessions, childishness during expression sessions or even just a wave of emotionality that spreads across the entire spectrum. The one thing that I had been told was a general rule in photography and photojournalism classes was that as the photographer you're not supposed to express these emotions.  You're just there, you're a "fly on the wall" and you're unbiased.  But I'm not going to lie - I'm not on to follow rules.  Understanding these emotions is imperative both for the photographer and their clients.  How can we expect to ever create anything unique or meaningful without we, ourselves, allowing ourselves to feel the same things?

I have felt a great deal of both sadness in editing these photographs knowing Spice will soon face the same fate as Rocket.   It's a part of pet ownership that seems to break many hearts.. but the good times with them heavily outweigh the sadness that comes when it is time to say goodbye.

In this case, many feelings came into play.  This is a repeat client of mine whose pup Rocket I photographed last year near the end of his life.  He was a champion show dog, and had a very gentle old soul.  I was so happy to have been able to capture their moments together, but when I left the session I was an absolute mess after seeing his mom breakdown at the end of our shoot.  Not to worry, I kept it together during the shoot... not breaking down with owners is part of a photographer's job description - you simply capture the moments, both good and bad.

This session was similar to Rocket's, except this time it was Spice's turn to take the center stage.  She was tired, a little weak in the knees and wobbly and perhaps photos weren't the biggest thrill on her agenda.  But we all need memories like these.  Her owners carried her most of the way to each spot we picked to do per petraits, and she tried hard to be photogenic - if she wasn't trying, then she's obviously a natural!    

Fun fact: Libby and Arthur, the very adorable couple shown here are both veterinarians.

The're also responsible or creating these two beautiful sisters, Camille and Maddy who both seem to be taking after mom and dad as pet lovers.  :-)

Best buddies already!  I know all to well what the sister relationship is like having three of my own.  Looks like Maddy is already the best big sister in the world!

Then again, who doesn't want an older sister who wears green dinosaur slippers to her photoshoot?

We managed to squeeze a little bit of imagination into this session as well - or as I label it within  my own business: Expression Sessions.  

And hey - dad's can baby wear too.  Arthur was toddler-wearing - LIKE A BOSS.

And for those unfamiliar with the process - using carriers can often look like this.  

A huge thank you goes out to this wonderful family for allowing me into their lives during times that are both joyful and turbulent.  Looking forward to many more moments to come.  

As a side note, my move to Wichita Falls has been delayed.  However, I am still booking appointments there, as it's basically my second home right now.  I'll be serving both Wichita Falls, TX for new clients with photography services, as well as Fort Collins, CO for old clients and referrals.  

Interested in booking?  

Saturday, May 30, 2015


I met the Graves family when the beautiful Vihaney, Arya's mom approached me for a session.  Arya is a gorgeous baby girl with a full head of hair and quite full of personality.  She was referred to me by a client of mine, whose dog I photographed last year and has left a huge mark on my soul (dear, sweet Rocket.)  Check out Rocket's session here.

Vihaney insisted that the session would be all about baby Arya, but I simply couldn't allow that!  I know parents think they look awful in pics all the time, and believe me when I say I'm no different.  Rarely do I ever get in front of a camera, but years down the road when I look back at pictures I was a part of (regardless of my choice) I'm always happy to see them.

And here is why.  How could I not catch moments like this?  Arya is clearly very content with her mama and daddy!

And something amazing always happens - people show their true colors, whether it's contentedness or silly reactions - reality is a great thing to capture!

Keep following this blog for when I arrive in Wichita Falls!  I cannot wait to bring my photography style and sessions down to the Southwest!  It's not far away and I'll be booking sessions for Wichita Falls beginning in August.  Or if you're in Fort Collins, be sure to contact me so we can setup a last minute session. And don't worry!  I'll be back to visit for more pics too!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I don't talk about life much with clients.  In fact, I rarely post about it.  But as a photographer one thing I have trouble NOT doing is taking pictures, whether I'm lugging around a giant DSLR and obnoxious lens or walking around with my camera phone, it doesn't matter.  I love creating art out of the world around us!

Besides all of this, I'm a very lucky lady!  I am with a man who knows me.  Seriously.. he really knows me!  At the moment we are in a long distance relationship, as he is stationed in Wichita Falls and I'm stuck in Colorado, but my very sweet partner in crime decided to take me on a date.... to this AWESOME old factory in Wichita Falls, TX while I was visiting.  I know what you're thinking: we're weird.  And it is a little strange that we would make going here into a date, but I enjoy these obscure places, and for good reason.  This looks apocalyptic and sort of haunting, which to be honest is just my style.  :-)
As I learned, it's the Attebury Factory of Wichita Falls.  And I think it would be so cool for a photoshoot with actual human subjects!  This part, I understand isn't that flattering.  It looks like just a desolate, scary place... but there's so much more to it, I promise!  And really - there have to be some super hipster people out there who would let me use it that actually live in Wichita Falls.  But check it out.  The closer you get, the cooler this place gets.  

The insane level of gorgeous backdrops is hidden, I see... but legitimately, this place is rad.  I love the repeating shapes and colors which are a huge part of photography.
This.... okay, this would not really work for most people's portraits, haha.  But it is a cool pic nonetheless.  It took a little bit of work frightening these birds and waiting for them to get a little stirred up, but we managed to get them to fly away for this great image.

I'm still not quite understanding why this giant factory in the middle of Wichita Falls, which has so many hidden gems, isn't used more.  I realize this is just kind of a fun, interesting picture, but look below.  It's not all bad.  

This is gorgeous in its own right.  Yeah, it's not some flowing green field of sunflowers.  Yeah, it's... Wichita Falls.  But to me it looks like some vintage Greek coliseum.  Use your imagination, people - togas would do great in these pictures.  :-)
So after touring the old abandoned Attebury factory in Wichita Falls, my partner decided to take me to an even more desolate place.  While we were at this factory, we had seen maybe a handful of people walk by.  That's astronomical compared to when we got to Wichita Fall's post-apocalyptic downtown...  I can see now why they do the zombie crawl here!  It's perfect, and sort of reminds me of a futuristic version of my own home downtown in Fort Collins, CO.

I cannot wait to shop around down here.  This place was FULL of old antique shops with interesting furniture and home accessories.  I'd consider myself a thrift shop veteran, though where I am there aren't many vintage markets.  I'm looking forward to spending some days down here once I am moved and all settled in!

Can't say I've ever seen a mannequin in a gas mask before.. Still rad though!  The poor thing on the left.. she doesn't seem prepared for what is to come.  :-(
Toto, I don't think we're in Wichita Falls anymore... what tornado picked us up and brought us to Oakland, CA?!  Alright, this actually is indeed Wichita Falls.   Randomly, we came across some Raiders street art.  It's not my art and one unspoken rule in photography is to not just simply reproduce other people's work. :-\ To tell the truth, I have a friend who is a Raiders fanatic and I wanted to share this with her since the baby in the hat looks a lot like her little boy.  Plus it's some great stenciling!  Definitely brings some life to Wichita Falls's downtown area!
On our way back home, he was kind enough to take me somewhere with a completely different landscape.  We checked out the restored waterfall at Lucy Park in Wichita Falls and I'm so glad we did.  As much as I enjoy  ominous buildings and doom-laden down towns, the drastic change in environment was very welcomed.  We went to Lucy Park, relaxed in the grass catching UV rays, observing dragonflies and turtles doing diving tricks into the river.
As for the man responsible for this... my very handsome partner... this is him.  :-)  He doesn't like getting his pics taken, but I did anyway.  

More goodies - trains, tunnels, bridges, rivers and just some extra Wichita Falls scenery.  I think I might actually like it there.  ;-)

And Deimos - couldn't forget to at least show him off once.  Because cats.

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