Thursday, May 14, 2015


I don't talk about life much with clients.  In fact, I rarely post about it.  But as a photographer one thing I have trouble NOT doing is taking pictures.  Whether I'm lugging around a giant DSLR and obnoxious lens or walking around with my camera phone, it doesn't matter.  I love taking pictures!

Besides all of this, I'm a very lucky lady!  I am with a man who knows me.  Seriously.. he really knows me!  Sadly, we are in a long distance relationship  as he is stationed in Wichita Falls and I'm stuck in Colorado, but my very sweet partner in crime decided to take me on a date.... to this creepy old factory in Wichita Falls, TX while I was visiting.  I know what you're thinking: we're weird.  Or maybe crazy... or both!  And it is a little strange that we would even consider this a tourist attraction..  But I promise you, we're not THAT weird.  :-)  I just enjoy these obscure places and for good reason.  This looks like something straight out of  The Walking Dead!
Next time I'm there I'll have to take note of the name of this place.  I think it would be so cool for a photoshoot!  This part, I understand isn't that flattering.  It looks like just a desolate, scary place... but there's so much more to it!  And really - there have to be some super hipster people out there who would let me use it that actually live in Wichita Falls.  But check it out.  The closer you get, the cooler this place gets.  
Like this.  I so would have preferred to have had a couple of lovebirds right in front of these doors, maybe in bright blue outfits, or even some red to add some more deep contrast to it.  Oh well, maybe some day!
All I can imagine with this is how awesome the colors would look if I had a subject right here in front of this, and all of these objects were completely out of focus.  Especially for people with a little bit more of an urban, punk rock or hipster style - this would fit great! It would look awesome!
This.... okay, this would not really work for most people's portraits, haha.  But it is a cool pic nonetheless.  It took a little bit of work frightening these birds, but I'm glad it worked.

I'm still not quite understanding why this giant factory in the middle of the city  which has so many hidden gems isn't used more.  I realize this is just kind of a fun, interesting picture, but look below.  It's not all bad.  This old creepy factory in Wichita Falls actually has something going on

Honestly though.  This is gorgeous in its own right.  Yeah, it's not some flowing green field of flowers.  Yeah, it's... Wichita Falls.  But to me it looks like some vintage Greek coliseum.  Use your imagination.  :-)  If my handsome man wasn't so bashful I would have forced him to model for me!
So after touring the creepy old factory in Wichita Falls, my partner decided to take me to an even more desolate place.  While we were at this factory, we had seen maybe a handful of people walk by.  That's astronomical compared to when we got to Wichita Fall's apocalyptic downtown...

I cannot wait to shop around down here.  This place was FULL of old antique shops with interesting furniture and home accessories.  I'd consider myself a thrift shop veteran, though where I am there aren't many vintage markets.  I'm looking forward to spending some days down here once I am moved and all settled in!
Just doing some weird photos.  I am not sure what the purpose of these faux-humans are though.  I cannot tell if Wichita Falls is simply getting prepared for the apocalypse or if some zombie invasion has literally already occurred here....
Can't say I've ever seen a mannequin in a gas mask before..  So strange.  The poor thing on the left - no gas mask.  Doesn't seem prepared for what is to come.
This is still Wichita Falls.  Randomly, we came across some Raiders street art.  There was actually quite a bit, but I generally don't like to photograph other people's art unless there's more intention and it isn't the sole subject. But I found this interesting.  To tell the truth, I have a friend who is a Raiders fanatic (but really what raiders fan isn't serious about their team - can't say I've met someone who was just kinda like "eh, the Raiders... they're alright I guess.") and I wanted to share this with her since the baby in the hat looks a lot like her little boy.  Great art!  Definitely brings some life to Wichita Falls's downtown area which could use some fun new energy!
On our way back home, he was kind enough to take me somewhere with a completely different landscape.  We checked out the restored waterfall at Lucy Park in Wichita Falls and I'm so glad we did.  As much as I enjoy  ominous buildings and doom-laden downtowns, the change of scenery was very welcome.  We went to Lucy Park, sat down and relaxed, caught a few dragonflies and watched some turtles do some diving tricks into the river.
As for the man responsible for this... my very handsome partner... this is him.  :-)  He doesn't like getting his pics taken, but I did anyway.  

Friday, May 8, 2015


While I haven't photographed tons of weddings I will admit that this is one of my new favorite things ever! I love how candid weddings are, and how genuinely happy the guests are.

Amanda married Kyle on July 19, 2014. What a special opportunity it is to be invited to capture such a romantic and special day! They had a very intimate wedding atop The Mainline in Old Town Fort Collins, CO which overlooks downtown Fort Collins. Their parents, son Gage and nearby relatives all attended to celebrate this very special wedding. I am so honored that they selected me as their photographer!
Grandma helping little Gage get ready for his big job as the ring-bearer.  
The ever handsome Gage patiently waiting for his mom, dad, grandmothers, aunts and the flower girls to finish getting ready. 
The mother of the groom helping her son get ready for his big day.
The boys are ready to go.  Look at the handsome groom and ring-bearer cheesing.  

This bride was so sweet!  She is a pro hair stylist and took it upon herself to make sure the flower girls, her husband's and her own hair were all perfect.  

Mom and son taking a break together.  Look, mom's a photographer too!  :-)
Finally the bride's turn to get ready.  
The mother of the bride helping her girl get ready.

The every lovely Christine Soukup taking a rest before it's time to head out for the wedding.
The bride is finally ready to go, and we're all off to Old Town!  
Next up on the blog will be the actual wedding ceremony and reception!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Kicking off this spring was a session I knew would be special.  I met the beautiful Ms. Brittany, her handsome beau, Jay, and their adorable baby girl, Kaya, through a friend of mine, and we decided to setup an impromptu photo session.  They asked that I let them go home and change their outfits, and of course I asked them to think of little Kaya's favorite toys.  Immediately Jay says "SKATEBOARD!"

I asked them to wear the type of clothes they normally would.  Something a bit more edgy that offered a better glimpse into their lifestyle.

These are not your every day parents.  They're tattooed, skate park regulars and wanted to spend the first weekend of spring enjoying some sun rays in the half pipe!  So glad I could capture it!  Before moving to Wichita Falls, TX my goal as a photographer is to provide as many beautiful and creative photography sessions as possible in Fort Collins! So glad, I was given this opportunity today!
Gorgeous eyes! 

And you know what they say: spit happens.  :-)



Saturday, March 14, 2015


A few months back, while at my normal job at Constant Contact, I ended up helping a gentleman by the name of Steve Davey.  Steve Davey is the president of the Metro Denver Chapter of Pheasants Forever This is a non-profit organization devoted to raising awareness of wildlife conservation and especially the declining pheasant population.  These activists are dog lovers, hunters, fishers, gun and archery fans and even just people with a passion for conserving wildlife.  During our conversation, I had expressed a common interest:  shotguns!  I'm personally a Remington owner and was very interested in what this organization was about.  

We talked about photography, which he had said they like to have at their banquets and I offered my services to him.  Offer was accepted and I was there to spend a couple hours documenting this evening on 3/14/2014.

Metro Denver chapter of Pheasants Forever.  

wichita falls event photographer

The total for this event was over 300 attendees for the dinner, as well as for the auction events and was held at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds near Denver, Colorado.
Beautiful stand!  Click to enlarge this, and you'll see quite a few tips and information on helping conserve wild habitats!
Yes, please!  I want all the wine.
The auction items available ranged from hunting and/or camping gear to paintings and from guns to an Argentina Dove Hunt!

Since this event does a lot to raise money in order to help educate children and give them positive feedback on gun ownership, hunting and much more, there were of course events to help keep kids entertained. I do not recall the name of this game, although it was one of the staples to keeping kids entertained while the adults participated in the auction and other events of the evening.

Look at some information here about the MDPF Youth/Ringneck Program.  This is a free event which will loan shotguns to children ages 10 and up which helps teach them about safety, hunting, demonstrates the use of hunting dogs and much more.  
A virtual hunting game for kids.  Very cool!  I believe I've played this at arcades, though I'm not gonna lie.  These kids were way more pro at this than I ever have been!
More games which also included prizes!

...Even some archery games. 
....I considered trying to win this baby.  Maybe I should have!
Mmmmmmm HMMM!......
Working hard.  :-)

Last call for silent auction of the night! 
What a great place to buy a shotgun!  Good deals AND it goes to a great cause.
Or archery equipment that is capable of growing along with your kids.
Earlier I did mention dogs.  Look at this beautiful bird dog!  This little guy found himself a new home where he will most likely settle in as the newest hunter of the family.  :-)

Puppy's new family!

Mama showing off her new baby.  What a gorgeous little baby!

And for one of the largest auction items: An Argentina Dove Hunt.  How awesome would it be to have won this item?!

The handsome Danger was a hit throughout the night for the kids.... and even me!  What a handsome guy!




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